We are a global network of social impact and philanthropy practitioners who believe that relationships sit at the center of social change.

We come together around a shared inquiry:

How can we better understand, practice and advance relational approaches to lasting social transformation?

We live in a world facing systemic challenges that cannot be addressed by a single actor. Our times call for “relational approaches” that leverage the capacities and perspectives of multiple actors – and which emphasize environments of trust and care. Networks, communities, ecosystems, alliances, and partnerships are examples of relational approaches that are emerging as powerful tools to address the complex nature of systemic change. But too often, these collaborative practices and practitioners are siloed, preventing us from adopting, adapting, and discovering new approaches that might lead to more coordinated and effective impact.

The Wasan Network exists to explore and catalyze these “new” approaches.

We bring together people who believe in the power of intentionally designed networks and other relational and collaborative approaches. We come together to learn and unlearn with and from each other. To collaborate and support each other. And to shift the dominant paradigm, one relationship at a time.

We warmly invite you to join us on this journey. Read more about us or connect with us at an upcoming learning session (sign-up below).