Exploring Network Health of Alumni Networks


Attention on alumni networks usually centers on their impact on members, mission, and broader society. While this focus on network impact is undoubtedly essential, there’s an equally critical yet less explored area: network health. Network health is fundamental for building and sustaining impactful networks. But what is network health? And how can we assess it? In this article, we’d like to share what we learned on a small journey to uncover the nuances of what makes a network functional and healthy.

Impact networks in times of unparalleled division. A (radically honest) reframe.


This article offers a critical perspective on the increasingly popular relational approach that nonprofit and philanthropic organisations adopt in creating impact networks that drive just and sustainable solutions at scale: in times of heightened emotional activation and unparalleled division, what do international impact networks need; and/or how must they evolve to be able to lean into uncertainty and live up to the values they proclaim?

Learnings from The Roddenberry Fellowship with Meg Busse (Dec 2023)


Slides from the presentation. Notes that were co-created during the session. Thank you Meg for the beautiful share!

Money & Networks with Francesca Pick (Aug 2023)


Notes that were co-created during the session Thank you so much Francesca for the inspiring conversation!

Relational Infrastructure with Sam Rye (Sept 2023)

Here is Sam Rye’s inspiring article on Relational Infrastructure. Here are the co-created notes from the session. Thank you Sam for the great conversation!